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RED Tyger is the original Specialist SEO Company in London, London.

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We'll improve your websites online visibility, you'll generate more business through increased traffic levels and create more online sales and leads.

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What We Do

We are search engine optimisation (SEO) experts
who provide a totally transparent specialist SEO Service.

Full blown national and local SEO campaigns, specialist
SEO consulting and bespoke
SEO training services in and around London UK.

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A little about RED Tyger

The Original Specialist SEO Company in London

RED Tyger have been around a while, it's seven years now give or take a day or two! We are London's first and only specialist SEO service provider, search engine optimisation is what we do all day every day.

SEO Chester

Who Are We
RED Tyger are experts in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), that's what we spend our time on. We're not just another 'digital agency' or web design company that offers SEO as an afterthought...

RED Tyger have spent over seven years providing expert SEO services and in this time have learnt a heck of a lot ourselves. We like to say that in SEO 'every day is a school day' so we spend a good amount of our time not working on client campaigns but instead researching and testing up to date and new SEO techniques, strategies and implementations across a broad range of successful online businesses.

SEO (well, Google search) is a moving landscape and the rules change by the day - we like to be a step ahead of the competition... for our clients sake!

SEO Chester

Our Principles on SEO
All aspects of RED Tyger's website SEO strategies and website optimisation processes, including both on-site and off-site SEO techniques are very strictly kept within Google's webmaster guidelines and have been strenuously tested and re-tested before any implementation on a clients website - we like to create long term relationships with our client's and believe full heartedly that when you succeed - we have succeeded!

RED Tyger are proud to be one of the very few SEO Companies that actually provide a fully transparent SEO service, we don't just randomly say silly things like "we'll get you to the top of Google" or "those three keywords will cost x amount" and we don't talk technical jargon (unless you really want us too) we explain our optimisation processes in a clear and understandable way, unlike a lot SEO's who hide behind their 'techie' talk and try to blind potential clients with scientific statistics/wonders of the world! SEO is NOT rocket science, far from it, a lot of the time it mainly comes down to common sense and like in most professional services it's the specialists who know exactly how to interpret and implement the finer details - this is where we fit in.

What We Do

We help our clients stand out from the crowd

RED Tyger are at the top of Google and the top of our game - specialising in providing bespoke Local SEO and National SEO campaigns, SEO Consulting and SEO Training services. We beat our London SEO 'competition' hands down, continually gaining new clients because we're so prominent online (we actually DO what most other companies just TALK about) that's how you've ended up here reading this.

Why Are You Here
  • Need to increase your online visibility?
    Google StatsWell this is exactly what we specialise in! Please see below for more details on exactly how, and what we can help you with.

What Do You Want
  • To be at the top of Google, where you found us?

    Google StatsWe can help you out rank your competition on Google and thus beat your competitors to people that are searching for products and/or services you provide, in London or nationwide!

RED Tyger Can Help You

  • Our bespoke SEO services will achieve this, and more

  • Website Optimisation
    Website OptimisationWe can make you website work for you I.E. create new business - not just act like an online brochure

    We'll optimise your current website, even build you a new one if required, so that it comes across more relevant to both the search engines and your visitors alike.

  • Social Media Marketing
    Social Media MarketingSocial media is becoming a bigger part of overall online success and when used in the right way can also help increase Google rankings too.

    Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. you know the big guns! You hear about them everyday and see them mentioned everywhere, businesses use them to promote themselves and interact with the general public - RED Tyger can guide you in the right direction.

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
    Conversion Rate OptimisationIncreaing traffic to your website is only half the job - we help convert visitors into new business

    Conversion rate analysis and optimisation: We analyse the way visitors react with your website content and use the findings to implement strategies that will increase the amount of enquiries and sales generated!

  • Trackable SEO Perfomance and ROI
    SEO PerformanceThere's little point in promoting your business if you don't know the returns you're gaining

    All of our SEO processes are fully trackable, you can monitor your SEO campaigns performance 24/7 with access to detailed statistics that display the progress and improvements we have made to your online success!

  • Google AdWords - Pay Per Click (PPC)
    Google Adwords PPC OptimisationWe offer AdWords campaign optimisation and management to all clients that engage in PPC marketing

    Put simply - by utilising our specialist techniques we can help lower your campaigns costs by increasing your ads relevancy which in turn will increase click through rates (CTR) and increase your ads rankings whilst also lowering the cost per click (CPC) associated with your PPC ads!

  • SEO Web Design
    SEO Web DesignBuilding a website that looks good is great, building a website that works is a whole different story

    RED Tyger build websites that perform well in the search engines, we have a dedicated SEO web design and development team that specialise in building websites that rank well in Google from the word go!

    We can design and build a website with SEO in mind from the start, so rather than go to a web design company in London and then have to turn to RED Tyger to actually make your new shiny website work for your business!

    A new web design or website re-build by RED Tyger can save your business a lot of time, money and frustration!

Why 'Google SEO' Not Just SEO?

RED Tyger specialise in Google SEO because

Google is 'king' in search and a very important part of gaining a strong online presence for businesses that want to grow. This is why RED Tyger strategically focuses SEO marketing services and website optimisation processes towards improving our clients visibility on Google organic search results pages.

Why we mention google a lot

Google StatsGoogle is 'king' when it comes to the volumes of people searching online. Pretty much everyone these days say "Google" this and "Google" that, they don't say look for this or that on a search engine! Yes there are other search engines and yes people use them too - just not a lot!

The reason Google is so popular is because Google's search engine returns very high quality and the most relevant results in reply to the search queries we enter into the Google search box.

For these reasons RED Tyger specialises on optimising websites to rank well in Google, although they will also rank well in the other search engines too because the principles are the same, Google is just a long way ahead in terms of their algorithms and search technology.

UK Search Engine Market Share
  • Bing:         4.52%
  • Yahoo!:     2.23%
  • Google:   92.08%
  • Other:      1.17%
Why Use SEO

Google StatsRED Tyger are experts in all things SEO and 'Google' related, that's what we spend our time doing - with good reasoning too...

The following displays the statistics on SEO vs more traditional marketing methods.

Percentage of sales in the UK from different media
  • Newspaper
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Directories

How Can RED Tyger Help You?

National and Local SEO Campaigns, SEO Consulting and SEO Training Services

Our specialist SEO services help both businesses that provide services/products in a defined area with geographically targeted local SEO services and also companies that sell nationwide services/products with our nationwide UK targeted SEO services. RED Tyger also provides bespoke SEO consulting services for business that require a more hands off approach. We have also helped a wide range of businesses from one man bands to nationwide blue chip companies with our bespoke SEO training services.

Local SEO Services Local SEO Services
When people use a search engine (predominantly Google) to search for a service or product and they use their location in the search term they are what is classed as in the 'buying phase' and are now ready to purchase the product or service they are searching for in their chosen locality...

this is when your business website needs to be at the top of Google's first page

RED Tyger can position your company website in front of your competitor's right there at the top of Google in view of potential new customers.

Nationwide SEO Services National SEO Services
If you provide products or services nationwide across the UK there is a lot more competition on Google than just targeting a local audience say in London.

That's no problem for us as its more fun competing at a higher level! Our national SEO services can get your business in front of thousands of potential new customers.

We can definitely get the results... RED Tyger has clients in various industries that currently rank at the top of Google for very competitive search terms and keywords targeted at the UK as a whole, Europe and even worldwide! For examples please contact us.

SEO Consulting Services SEO Consulting Services
If you have a hands on approach to your website, maybe you are either a small business that runs your own website or a large company that has in house web development staff, then our SEO consulting services may be of interest.

We'll do all the hard work, have a look at our SEO processes below, and then report to you the on-site optimisation changes that are required with explanations and recommendations on implementation.

SEO Training Services SEO Training Services
RED Tyger provide specialist and bespoke face to face and one-to-one SEO training that is individually tailored to our clients requirements.

We don't just do simple 'this is SEO and this is how you do it' kind of SEO training like most companies you'll find that provide SEO training services - we actually take you through our specialist SEO processes step by step, on your actual website, as if we were actually running a full SEO campaign for you.

Applying our SEO training in this way means you take away information that is 100% relevant to your business, your actual website that's being promoted, and even more importantly you won't then have to work out how to apply the trained SEO techniques to your own site!

This Is How It all Comes Together!

There are many important factors in running a successful SEO campaign

We're not going to give away everything we do, so we've skipped quite a few of our 17 unique SEO steps and combined a few of the simpler stages together, they're only a very brief summary - we could go into the finer details but that would involve a further 10,000 words on this already extremely long page! What we want is to let you know that we're in the know! We believe that our client's confidence in our knowledge is a key asset. Here's a small selection of the bespoke and very refined SEO processes we complete during every campaign, however big or small.  

  • SEO Step 1: Research
    SEO Process: Step 1 - Research, Research and more research
    why it's important and how we do it

    The fist step in any professional SEO campaign is to get the groundwork right

    Starting an SEO campaign without a lot of comprehensive research is like building a house without any foundations! We start by completing a fully bespoke analysis of your website and business marketplace, detailed competitor analysis, followed by intricate keyword and search phrase research - there's little point in targeting keywords that people aren't actually searching for! We also need to be targeting your businesses related keywords that are very relevant and gain a high conversion rate... It's all about increasing your ROI!   Next step...

  • SEO Step 1: Research
    SEO Process: Step 4 - Website Optimisation

    This is where our technical expertise and long term experience comes in to play

    Website optimisation is a fine art and an ongoing process, the changes and additions we make to your website are not just implemented and left to work, because they won't... We treat a website like a F1 race car engine - to gain it's maximum performance it requires ongoing tweeks, fine tuning and adjustments - it can NOT just be looked at once, played around with, and then forgoten about. Google search ranking parameters change frequently and this impacts how your website performs in the search results, web page optimisation requires to be kept fresh and up to date - we specialise in, not just being but staying, ahead of our competition and can keep you in that position too!   Next step...

  • SEO Step 1: Research
    SEO Process: Step 6 - Ranking and Visitor Analysis

    All successful marketing campaigns require goals to be set and progress analysed

    Setting solid and progressive targets and goals is a key point in all successful online marketing campaigns, we like getting to know our clients and prefer to have some form of face to face interaction to attain the goals of a campaign - we know how to help you be successful online but you know your individual business marketplace like no other and we like to have your input on the targeting of a campaign. RED Tyger utilise our own very refined SEO strategies that involve analysing website ranking stats and progression and also visitor tracking and conversion metrics to see what people are actually doing when they arrive on your site, we use the outcomes to improve and refine an SEO campaigns overall performance and importantly the ROI to our clients, conversions are what it's all about, having loads of traffic means nothing if you're not generating enquiries and sales!  Back to step 1...

RED Tyger's Work

A few clients we have worked with and some of our own projects

RED Tyger have lots of clients that are very satisfied with the services we provide, the ROI achieved, and more importantly the increase in their business profits that are directly accountable from our trackable SEO services. We can provide you with written and verbal client testimonials, if you ask nicely!

  • Cheeky Chilli Catering

    Bespoke local SEO campaign, targeting the Wirral.

    Cheeky Chilli Catering SEO Campaign
  • Thelwell Flooring

    Bespoke National SEO campaign.

    Thelwell Floring SEO Campaign
  • Mozkitos

    Bespoke local SEO campaign.

    Mozkitos SEO Campaign
  • BiG Storage

    Bespoke local SEO campaign targeting 12 areas across the North West. Services: AdWords campaign management, 20 microsites.

    BiG Storage SEO Campaigns
  • AllBright Cleaning Services

    Bespoke local SEO campaign targeting London, Wrexham, North Wales and all across London UK.

    AllBright Cleaning Services SEO Campaign
  • Care Parking

    Bespoke national SEO campaign.

    Care Parking SEO campaign
  • Anchor Group Services

    Bespoke national SEO campaign.

    Anchor Group SEO campaign
  • CBI Insurance

    Bespoke local/national SEO campaign targeting London, North Wales and the rest of the UK.

    AllBright Cleaning Services SEO campaign
  • BCR

    Bespoke localised SEO campaign targeting London and the North West.

    Aspect Roofing Services
  • Ask Active - Active Supply & Design

    Bespoke SEO campaign targeting the UK and across Europe.

    WD Chester SEO campaign
  • London Health and Fitness

    Bespoke SEO campaign targeting the local area of London.

    Chester Gym SEO campaign
  • Aspect Rofing Services

    Bespoke locally targeted SEO campaign covering London, North Wales and all over the North West UK.

    CBI Insurance SEO campaign
  • Arena Swimwear Store

    Bespoke national SEO campaign targeting the UK.

    Arena Swimwear Store SEO campaign
  • Optimus Protein

    Bespoke national SEO campaign targeting the UK.

    Optimus Protein SEO campaign
  • Logofi

    Bespoke worldwide SEO campaign.

    Logofi logo design SEO campaign
  • HTML5 Banner Maker

    Bespoke worldwide SEO campaign.

    HTML5 Banner Maker SEO campaign
  • Marketing Graphics Pack

    Bespoke worldwide SEO campaign.

    Marketing Graphics Pack SEO campaign
  • Anderson Price

    Bespoke local SEO campaign targeting London and across the North West UK.

    Anderson Price SEO campaign
  • Plumber 24 Hours

    Bespoke SEO training and consulting.

    Plumber 24 Hours SEO training
  • WD London

    Bespoke local SEO campaign targeting London in London.

    Web Design Chester SEO campaign
  • Smartest Games

    Bespoke Worldwide SEO campaign in an incredibly competitive marketplace.

    Smartest Games SEO campaign

High ROI SEO Results!

Traffic increase results

Below are a couple examples of huge traffic increases on Google within the first few months of our specialist SEO services. Both screenshots are from Google Webmaster Tools, each client's statistics is for the second month of their SEO campaign the image shows impressions (every time site was displayed in Google search when a relevant query was made) and clicks (a click through to the site from Google search).

SEO Chester

Video SEO Campaign Results

SEO Chester

Worldwide SEO Campaign Results

Contact RED Tyger

We'd love to hear from you

RED Tyger have provided SEO services to many different business marketplaces, as can bee seen in our portfolio, and are always interested in applying our specialist SEO skills for new clients in other business areas.

Let us know what you're after, if you want to be quick and only type a couple words - get a FREE and bespoke SEO analysis for your website / business from your local SEO specialist by clicking here, alternatively send us a nice long detailed message in the form below :)

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RED Tyger moved to larger offices recently and are now located next to London Bridge.

If you'd like to come see us to have a chat about anything SEO related please call or email first as we are very busy.

We have clients all over the UK although most of our long term SEO clients are located in the North West, North Wales and across London, mainly in London, Wrexham, along the Wirral, Liverpool, Warrington and ManLondon.

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RED Tyger specialise in providing expert Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services for businesses of all sizes in London, London, North Wales and all around the North West UK. The main areas that we cover are: London, Ellesmere Port, Wrexham, the Wirral, Warrington, Liverpool and ManLondon UK.

We can get you to the top of google...
where you found us!

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