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has expired and is currently suspended

It will be deleted in 123 days.

Domain Expired: 23 December 2014

Why Is This Page Displayed?

This suspended page is displayed because the domain has expired and requires the owners immediate attention.

ICANN’s Expired Registration Recovery Policy for gTLDs

As of Aug 2013 the ICANN Expired Registration Recovery Policy (ERRP), a mechanism to help domain name registrants address and alleviate common problems related to expiration of gTLD registrations. gTLD is an abbreviation to mean global top-level domain and famous examples of gTLD are .com, .net, .biz, .info.

The ERRP aims to achieve on-time renewal of gTLDs.

In the past registrants may not have realised the importance of renewing their gTLD on time and by the time the gTLD’s website is suspended, it often means the gTLD has been deleted and to restore it an additional reinstatement fees has to be paid to the Registry.

With the ERRP the registrant is informed of the expiration of their domain name via a parking page on the day the gTLD expires. The registrant can quickly renew the gTLD without forking out additional reinstatement fee as the gTLD has not yet entered deletion state.

The ERRP is binding on all ICANN accredited registrars.

Full details of ICANN’s ERRP can be found here ERRP Policy Statement